PROJECT TOPIC: Influence Of Sales Promotion On Consumer Brand Loyalty A Case Study In Oshogbo In Osun State

Project Body:

Chapter one


  • Background of the study

Promotion is an important aspect of marketing activity which has created a lot of impact through the use of some incentives, mostly designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particulars products and services by consumer. In today’s marketing, organization are concerned on what should be done to advance sustained level of sales. This means gives close attention to how consumers can be motivated through such means as rewards, incentives, leadership and Importantly satisfaction they derive from sales promotion. As a matter of facts, sales promotion is a vital factor in marketing and one of the important communication variables in the marketing mix. Marketing managers often use sales promotion conjunction with advertising, personal selling and public relation to increase the effectiveness of their promotion efforts. Among all the elements that makes up the marketing mix, sales promotion is likely that most significance. It can be described as those short term incentives offered by the company to encourage the purchase or sales of a particular products.

According to Agbonifon BA etal (1999) sales promotion is a term used broadly to refer to those marketing activities, other than personal selling and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing and deals effectiveness such as displays, shows and exhibitions, demonstrations and various non-recurrent selling efforts, not in the ordinary routine. However, based on recent development be it electronic, out door media like billboard usually placed on the side walks or the express ways, well posters, handbills and so forth have contributed a lot to the prevalence of lots of commercial slots usually either advertising some old or new in improved product or brands making announcement which seeks to draw public attention to some sales promotion currently going on and promoting mouth watering, exciting and highly fascinating prize and reward to be won by consumers who wish to participate.

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