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The present world of information technology the important of advertising as one of the promotional tool cannot be over emphasized. Advertising being one of the promotional tool is conceived all over the world as well as in marketing environment as one of the vehicle of spreading, informing and creating awareness about the availability of a product, product benefits.

Advertising according to Percy Rossites (1994:4) is a process of relatively indirect persuasion based on information about product benefits which is designed to create favorable mental impression that turn the mind towards purchase.

According to Ezirim A. et al (2006:11) advertising is a paid form of non  personal sales presentation and promotion usually to a large number of potential customers by a an identified sponsor.  It involves the mass media such as newspaper, television, radio magazines and bill board, moreso, advertising is widely use in many different ways and has been classified into local manufacturer, consumer, retailer industrial corporate, charity educational and recruitment advertising.

Market growth is the combination of sales of all products in all territories for all customers. In this case, the only data needed are total sales figure for this company over the past several years and the annual industry sales in the geographical market covered by the firm.

According to Ezirim et al (2006:3) marketing growth is express in quantitative or volume terms. The situational analysis of advertising us it is apply to peakcockpaint limited, Ikot Ikpene is given on the following heading. Advertising objectives, peackcock paint use advertising to achieve the following.

  1. To create awareness about the existence of peacock paint product.
  2. To introduce new product of peacock paint limited.
  3. To maintain brand loyalty to the peacock paint product.
  4. To build positive image
  5. To obtain dealers support.

1.1   historical background of the company

Peacock paint limited was established in 1989 as a private limited liability company in November 1989 with the principles objectives of producing and marketing paints and allied products. It is located at that Ekan in Asuna community in Etinan local government of Akwa Ibom state. The principal sponsor of company investment trust company limited, S.D. group and company of copehagen, industrialization fund for developing countries (IFU) Demark and Nigeria businessmen.

Te company started production in 1984 and was officially commissioned in April 1986 by the late corned Dan Patrick Arch Bong of the than installed capacity of 3.0 million litres of paints per annual.

Armed with its state of the arts equipment and modern paint production facilities coupled with highly qualified and dedicated technical and administrative staff. There’re ten major department in the company of peacock paint. Each of the department is managed by manager peacock paint has been specified and used various government agencies and private sector and individuals, the company producer.

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