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Marketing unlike any other social sciences is entirely concerned with the need and want of people severally and individually. Although different customers belongs to the same market segment. They don not have alike to the characteristics of the product and services would not appeal to then in the degree. Just as income taste an other factors in liness the demand for products, sooth behavior of consumer are influenced by socio-economic and cultural factors.

The use of marketing research method can only determine the socio-cultural factors and increase which will then in places in situation to effective market his product or services. The cultural of individual are aggressive marketing has can be taken care of many ethics group in Nigeria tend to influence the decision of many customers and consumes behavior is constantly being attached by cultures.

What is culture and what effect does it have in consumers buying behavior?

Many school of thought have given society culture according to E.B. Tailore is that compare while whid are include knowledge belief art, low moral customs etc of society looking at this definition, we can refer culture to be our special heritages which has been passing from be accepted as our mode of life. Also David in his write up, or social class influence upon learning look at culture as something in the general sense which the human being exhibit in confronting with his family, his church and other hence groups. This goes to prove that culture has immense influence on these economic decision made by individual either as personal consumers or when they may be acting for an organization interaction takes please between a man and his environment. He is affected by the society of which he is a member in other to understand people behavior, the knowledge of the influence of cultural norms and values are essential. How do cultural influences affects motives branch understanding attitudes and intention to purchase the above definition has to create binds people together and characteristics its specific way of life culture neither grow life a plant nor can it be destroyed by an earthquake.

Culture has a great impact in consumers buying behavior and consumption habits which are part and parcel of the behavior pattern of individuals and deeply affected by the prevailing culture of the society in which people live every society develops different culture life.

Every society culture which reflect many parts of human behavior that have been learned and accepted by group of people and these form part of their mode of life. In Nigeria today, we have culture differences that distinguishes the from every other  group and mode of buying differs from one local market to the other. The way an Ibo man approaches a product in the market square is quite different that distinguishes them from every other groups and mode of buying differs from one local market to the other from a Yoruba max the different in behavior came as a result of different culture backgrounds, sub cultures also play important role abgroups in a society may be based on the cultural tradition emanating from ethics, religions and social sources such culture is vital from marketer because and services demanded by the members whatsoever may have the case culture entirely brings about change in society knowledge of culture helps the marketers to determines, colours labeling , packaging and branding the individual environment which their custom tradition value and norm permit them to accept.

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